Faggot Phone Sex

Are you a phone sex faggot like “MC” is?  How far are you willing to go in order to satisfy you craving for cock?

“MC” becomes instantly submissive when I remind him that I own his cock.  He tells me that he will do anything that I tell him to do, if only I will allow him to cum for me.  I love pushing the envelope with him.  I use tease and denial cock and orgasm control to get him right to the edge and then I tell him that I want him to suck a big fat cock.  It’s so funny to hear the little phone sex faggot beg me for a big black cock.

Just today, I reminded “MC” of the time that he had me and another phone sex mistress on the phone with him.  The other mistress was showing herself on cam and when she slipped on a black strap on dildo I thought “MC” would cream right then and there.  That was one hot call and it showed me just how much “MC” needs a black dick pumping into his mouth and ass….. or maybe both at the same time.  He is such a hot little cum slut.

I love sissy phone sex faggots and would love to hear just how much of a cock sucking or cum eating slut you can be.  Give me a call and share your kinky fetish!

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Cock Control Phone Sex

“MC” messaged me recently and told me that he was so horny that he would pay four times my regular rate if I would let him cum for me.  He loves cock control phone sex and he readily admits that I own his cock.  He said that he gets really turned on when I take advantage of his weakness for me.

When “MC” called me I thought I would push him a little bit so I called Dante on the phone and, when he didn’t answer, made “MC” leave a voice mail telling Dante that he wanted to suck his cock.  Phone sex humiliation (as well as extreme tease and denial) is a big part of cock control and I wanted to see just how devoted “MC” would be and how far he is willing to go in order to please me.

Cock control is something that I enjoy immensely.  Hearing a man tell another man that he wants to suck his cock, because he knows that I love the idea, is totally hot.

“MC” wanted me to mention in my next blog post that he is a cock sucking faggot.  It’s the truth.  He also asked if he could have his own sissy phone sex number like Dante does so that he can talk tell other men that I own his cock.

I am working on a plan to give every sissy boy who wants it a chance to answer the “sissy phone sex” line so that they can prove to me their true calling.

Check back here for sissy sign up info in the not-so-far-off future.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex Challenge

Dante will be home alone tonight and I am going to challenge him to a cock sucking phone sex game where he will be asked to suck no less than FIVE cocks in a 24-hour period.  Dante loves sucking cock, swallowing cum and yes, even bending over and taking a big black cock in his ass.  He can be a total phone sex faggot, for sure.

Tonight, I’m going to make him reach out to social media to find men to suck and fuck. Dante loves visiting local adult video stores and sucking cock through glory holes or in private booths but tonight I want him to open his home to horny men who are in need of a good blowjob.  Dante is in the process of becoming a full time phone sex sissy and needs to be encouraged to push his limits in order to attain his goal.

In addition to sucking five cocks tonight, Dante will gladly share his cock sucking adventures with anybody who would like to hear about them, over the phone.

You can talk to him one-on-one by dialing 1-855-4-SISSY-D or you can call me (at the number below) and we can talk one-one-one ourselves or, if you’d prefer, I will bring Dante in on our call to enhance your phone sex fun.  Wouldn’t you love to tell him to suck your cock?  Or to hear me tell him to bend over so you can pump your load into his ass while I watch?  Maybe you want to suck HIM.  Anything goes!

You can share your secret sissy desires with me or with me and Dante together.

There are no limits when you dial my sissy phone sex line…. so pick up the phone and get off with me (or us) tonight.

 Lori - 1-877-387-5543

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Cuckold Phone Sex

I always find it funny when a caller is surprised at how accurate I am when I take him through a crash course in cuckold phone sex exploration and training.  For instance, there is a married man who began calling me when he first discovered that his wife was cheating on him with a young black man.  The caller was shocked at his usually conservative wife and her actions but he was even more shocked at her lack of concern at being caught cheating.  He said that not only was she giving him a “I could care less” attitude but she was almost flaunting her sexual affair in his face.

Being an experienced and discreet cuckold phone sex confidante, I was able to provide this caller with a lot of insight as to the extreme twists and turns that his marriage, as he once knew it, was about to take.

He calls me often and tells me that my predictions have always been spot on.  He confessed that his wife’s lover has taken on a very strong role in their household.  The caller has been completely and totally emasculated, being forced to wear panties like a little sissy boy.  He has been forced to move into the guest bedroom so that his wife and her lover can enjoy the master suite together.  Her lover has taken the caller’s car, a brand new Lexus, and the caller is now driving her lover’s (and I quote) “shitty old clunker.”  He said that the humiliation is almost unbearable as the neighbors have all see her black lover coming and going in and out of their home with his wife.  They see her lover driving the brand new car while the caller drives around in the old clunker.  He sleeps in the guest room, cooks and cleans and has even given up his fun money so that his wife and her friend can go out to dinner, go shopping and enjoy the finer things in life while the caller stays home alone, in his panties, stockings and high heels.  Little does he know, his story is just beginning.

I would love to hear your cuckold phone sex story!  Are you ready to share it with me?

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Double The Rate Phone Sex

Sometimes a man needs to be taught how to control his urges. One particular phone sex sissy that I talk to (“MC”) forgets, at times, who owns his cock.  He thinks he can just stroke it whenever and however he likes. His wife no longer fucks him so when he gets crazy horny he begs me to allow him to cum.

The other day I happened to be on the phone talking with another phone sex faggot about his panty fetish and his desire to dress up in his wife’s clothing when “MC” messaged me on Yahoo.  He asked if Miss Lori was available to let him cum.  I told him that I was on another call and that I would message him when I was finished.  He sent me several more messages while I was still enjoying the other panty boy and I could tell by the urgency in “MC’s” messages that he was about to blow his load.  He knows that masturbating and cumming isn’t allowed without me so when I was finally off of the phone I messaged him and told him that he could call me now but because he was obviously stroking while he waited for me that I was going to charge him double my normal rate.  He readily agreed that I should make him pay more to teach him a lesson.  In fact, he told me that he would anything (ANYTHING!) to be able to cum for me.

“MC” knows that I can make him do some pretty extreme things and sometimes I push him to do things that he never imagined EVER doing, things that involve some true phone sex humiliation.  He’s beginning to learn that in order to please Miss Lori, he needs to step up his game.

I love cock and orgasm control and making “MC” pay double for his call with me really got my juices flowing!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

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Sissy Phone Sex – Make A Panty Pledge

I want to take a moment to wish all of my sissy phone sex lovers a Happy New Year! What a great time of year to make some resolutions that will help you fulfill your sissification, feminization and cross dressing lifestyle intentions.

I’ve found that written objectives work wonders when you are setting goals for yourself. I have also found that making a financial commitment toward your purpose or mission helps to keep you focused on the task at hand.  I like to think of this as a pledge, showing your allegiance toward your ambition.

Anybody can experiment with a particular fetish or lifestyle.  Often times a man will want to explore his fantasies through interactive role play during an erotic telephone conversation, but sometimes a man is ready to test the waters in a more realistic scenario such as public exposure, humiliation, forced disclosure or being encouraged to face his desires so that he can commit to fulfilling them.

For those of you who are interested in exploring the lifestyle through a one-on-one faggot phone sex encounter, I know that I can create the perfect fantasy call for you.

For those of you who are looking to take your sissy fun a little further, I will provide you with an outlet that will take you from a novice to an accomplished  and skilled sissy.

I will offer you step-by-step instructions to becoming a competent and well rounded sissy boy that will give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine possible.

If you are ready to pledge your allegiance to the sissy lifestyle – then let us begin.

Copy, paste and print the following statement and send your “commitment” to the address below.  This will begin your journey!

Step One – The Panty Pledge

I, ______________________________, understand that wearing panties is a necessary step that I must take in order to become a full time sissy.  

I hereby pledge to wear panties (check one):

       a.  All Day, Every Day 

       b. Evenings Only

       c.  Weekends Only 

       d.  Whenever I Am Alone

My enclosed pledge amount is:  $_____ and proves to Miss Lori that I am making a serious commitment to satisfying Step One in my sissy transformation.  

Signature:  ____________________________   Date: _______________________

Mail your commitment to:  LG, P.O. Box 3661, Mooresville, NC  28117


Email Me:  lori@thesissyplace.com

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Yahoo Messenger:  TheSissyPlace

Cross Dressing Phone Sex

“Allie” called me this morning to tell me about a cross dressing experience that she had over the weekend.  She had posted some ads on Craig’s List, looking for men who had 9-inch cocks for her to suck and fuck.  She said that she was disappointed in the first two men who showed up at her place.  They claimed to have big cocks but in reality they were only 7 to 7 1/2 inches long.  Being a good little cock sucking phone sex slut, she obliged them and gave them both a deep throat blowjob before sending them on their way.

The third person who replied to her ad told her that he was into cross dressing.  “Allie” was pretty excited to hear that because she, also, is a cross dressing slut.  She said she was pleased to see that her newest partner did have the 9-inch cock that “Allie” had requested in her ad.  “Allie” put on a pair of panties and then lifted her friend’s skirt and went to work on that cock right away.  It wasn’t long before cum was being pumped all over.  “Allie” was lucky enough to be able to enjoy those nine inches in more ways than one, though.  She went into the bedroom and laid down on her back and her friend proceeded to pound her pussy, nice and deep, cumming again inside her.

I love hearing “Allie’s” stories but I will tell you what I loved even more this morning.  “Allie” asked if I had any male friends who could join us on the phone this morning.  She wanted to hear a man’s voice telling her to suck his big cock.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anybody who could it right then, but I told her that I did have a girl friend who would be happy to provide him a serious 2-girl phone sex humiliation.

I called my friend Taylor and together, we reminded “Allie” of what a cock sucking, cum eating phone sex faggot he was.  We told him how good he looked with a big 9-inch cock in his mouth and how much better he looked with it in his ass.  I even used “Allie’s” real name – giving Taylor some blackmail power to use in the future.

We had an awesome time together on the phone today and I can’t wait to play with “Allie” and Taylor again soon.

Lori – 1-877-387-5543

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Sissy Phone Sex

Whether you are a sissy phone sex lover or you just have a fetish for cross dressing or feminization exploration, you can count on me to bring all of your most taboo secret fantasies to life during our one-on-one adult chat.

I love seducing a man to help push him beyond his limits.  It’s a great way to make his orgasm go over-the-top with pleasure.

Although there are no subjects that are too taboo or extreme for me to explore with you, I specialize in sissy phone sex because I have a soft spot for men who want to learn what it is like to be a woman in every possible way.

How hard core would you like to play?  How about going to an adult bookstore and experimenting at the glory holes?  Would you like to go down a more erotic or sensual path?  We can let the intensity build up slowly, exploring every aspect of your favorite fantasy before I bring you to the edge and make you cum in an explosive orgasm that will leave you breathless and craving more.

No matter how you want to enjoy your sissy phone sex experience, I will always respect your limits and boundaries to create a fantasy that is just right for you, every time.

Lori – 1-877-387-5543

Email Me:  lori@thesissyplace.com

Yahoo Messenger:  TheSissyPlace

Anything Goes Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy Dante is available to play tonight!

You can call Dante, the little phone sex faggot, directly for some very special attention.  You can call me for a one-on-one sissy phone sex encounter or you can call either one of us and we can give you a 3-way connection.

If you’re looking for an outlet or specialized training for your cock sucking, cum eating or anal penetration desires, you can count on either (or both) of us to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Dante will be in NYC tonight and I know he will be on the hunt for hard cock.  You might catch him at a local adult bookstore or you could call him and connect with him for a discreet hotel encounter.  He’s always willing to host.

Call Dante @ 1-855-4-SISSY-D.  If he doesn’t answer, leave a message and he will get back to you ASAP.

If you want to call me and disclose your most taboo sissy phone sex secrets, then call me.

I want to make you cum tonight!

Lori – 1-877-387-5543

Email Me:  lori@thesissyplace.com

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