Sissy Phone Sex

Having a phone sex sissy who is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his cock sucking and cum eating fetish is awesome!  Take Dante, for example… he will drop to his knees the minute he sees a horny man with a bulge in his pants.

Just last week, Dante sucked six cocks and got bent over and fucked really good by another.  He loves spending time at the adult theater where there are couches scattered around the room.  He told me that he found a horny man stroking a big cock and Dante went right over to him, wiggled between the man’s legs and sucked him until he was throbbing hard.  Then Dante stood up, dropped his pants and bent over the couch so the guy could give him an anal pounding, deep and hard.  The guy barebacked him and shot a huge load into Dante’s ass.  Dante wasn’t finished though.  More horny men came into the theater and Dante, being the perfect little cum hungry phone sex faggot went right over to them as his asshole drained all of that cum out and sucked each and every one of them until they shot their creamy hot jizz right down his throat.

Dante is going to create some recorded stories to share with you about his cock sucking, ass fucking and cum eating experiences.  You’re going to love what this sissy phone sex slut has to tell you so be sure to check back here often to look for the links.  Oh, and I need to give a shout-out to MC.  He and Dante are going to hook up sometime very soon and Dante is going to suck MC’s cock and swallow his load too.  The best part is that I’m going to ask MC to take some pictures of Dante’s cum covered face so that I can post them right here so you can see what a true sissy slut he is.

I’ll have plenty of cock sucking stories and scenarios to share with you, or we can talk about your own personal desires.  Anything goes here!

Call Sissy Dante @ 1-866-333-6262 and tell him to suck your cock… he loves that!

EMAIL the little faggot @

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Yahoo Messenger:  TheSissyPlace

Kinky Phone Sex

If you get off on really kinky phone sex and you’re looking for a woman who can take your fantasies to a whole new level, then look no further.

I can provide you with some of the best kinky phone sex fun on the net!

I even have a dirty little phone sex sissy faggot who is on call and always willing to lend a hand if you want to try a 3-way call.  He can be a voyeur, listening in as you and I talk about your secret fetish for sucking cock, wearing panties, eating cum, sneaking off to a glory hole booth, etc., or he can be an active participant in the conversation, sharing some of his real life experiences with you.

Of course, if it’s man-on-man time that you’re really looking for, you can call Dante one-on-one anytime, day or night, to get really down and dirty.

Call Dante directly @ 1-866-333-6262 or email him at

No matter how you like your kinky call – mild to wild – vanilla to extreme – I will make all of your fantasies cum true!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Yahoo Messenger:  TheSissyPlace

Sissy Phone Sex Faggot

Dante has been a very horny sissy phone sex faggot.  Earlier this week he made his way down to the bookstore where he knows there’s always a plethora of hard cocks waiting to be sucked.

Sure enough, he got lucky and was able to drain seven cocks.  He even took one cock in his ass for a total of eight loads of hot sticky jizz being pumped into his holes.

Dante is such a good little cock sucking phone sex faggot.  Last night I had another caller beep in while Dante and I were on the phone, so I took the call, leaving my stroking little faggot to fend for himself while I got another guy off.  When I came back on the line, Dante was hornier than ever!  He loves knowing that I’m getting guys off (servicing their cocks) just like he does and he’d never want me to keep a hard cock waiting.  Sometimes callers want to hear Dante’s sissy stories or real life experiences during a three-way call.  That is always smoking hot!

If you’d like to share your own cock sucking or cum eating phone sex fetish stories or if you’d like to three-way with me and Dante, you can dial my number, below.

Dante is open to doing one-on-one calls with you too.  You can reach him at:



Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Dante called me a few nights ago and told me that he’d been busy at the adult theater. I couldn’t wait to hear how many cocks he’d sucked and fucked that day, but before we got down to business, I told him that I thought he should share his cock sucking phone sex story during a 3-way call with me and another guy.

Earlier that day, another caller told me that he loved reading the stories that I wrote about Dante.  I told him that if he enjoyed reading them, then he would probably LOVE hearing them even more, coming directly from the little faggot’s lips.  He said that that would be incredibly hot!

Okay, so fast forward… Dante called me that night and I quickly connected the other caller so he could listen in and I made Dante tell me everything…. and I mean EVERY thing that he’d done to satisfy his cock sucking phone sex cravings.

Dante loves being face and ass fucked, there’s no secret there.  Basically he’s a dirty little bitch who is addicted to black cock.  Don’t get me wrong, he won’t turn down a white dick, but black cock (and especially big black balls) really get him going.

I’d love to tell you more about Dante or share some of your own cock sucking phone sex fantasies with you.  Call me soon!

You can click here to hear some of Dante’s extreme confessions:  CLICK TO LISTEN.

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

P.S.  Dante’s email address has changed.  I encourage you to write him or call him anytime.  The little faggot would love to satisfy all of your needs.  


Phone:  1-866-333-6262

No Limits Phone Sex

Being a no limits phone sex playmate means that I can entertain any fantasy that a caller might enjoy.  No subject is too taboo or extreme, mild or vanilla for us to explore together.

While it’s true that many of the call requests that I receive are sissy, feminization or cross dressing related, there are many other subjects that men call me to talk about.  Some of them include a smoking or a foot fetish, tease and denial, guided masturbation, strap-on play, cuckold fantasies, etc.  Other’s are GFE calls, where a man just wants to share some of his taboo thoughts with a woman other than his real-life partner in a “online girlfriend” sort of way.

This morning Mark called me while Crystal was in the shower.  As you may have seen on one of my prior blog posts, Mark loves living on the edge and he knows how pissed Crystal would be if she caught him jerking his cock off for me so I always try to challenge him to push the envelope a little further every time we talk.  This morning was no exception.  I made him go into the bathroom (dick in hand) while she was showering and told him to say “I’m stroking my cock for Lori”.  I always have fun with Mark.

Another dare devil “Don” is into edgy kind of play as well.  He told me that while he fucked his wife last night, he told her that he was fantasizing about an old co-worker named Lori who had hit on him a long time ago.  His wife thought it was cute… little did she know that her husband cums hardest when he’s jerking off with me on his mind.

I’ve been feeling extra-naughty this past week and need some accommodating men to get off with.  Are you willing to get down and dirty with me?  Remember, my no limits phone sex line is only as discreet as you want it to be.  If you want me to share your kinky secrets like Mark and Don do, I can make it happen.

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

P.S.  Dante’s email address has changed.  I encourage you to write him or call him anytime.  The little faggot would love to satisfy all of your needs.  


Phone:  1-866-333-6262

Cock Control Phone Sex

Last night Sissy Dante called me and told me about the cocks that he had sucked over the weekend.  He had a really busy weekend and was able to get a hard anal fucking, which he desperately needed, as well as a few mouthfuls of hot and sticky cum, which he always enjoys.

Anyway, while we were talking, he told me that because I had photos of him, recordings of some of our calls (that he’d sent to me after confessing some of his really taboo secrets), he reminded me that I own his faggot ass.  He’s right!

This morning, another caller stroked for me while his wife was in the shower.  He said that he loved the danger of possibly being caught while he was jerking off for me.  I made him stand outside the door to the bathroom where she was showering and say “I’m stroking my cock for Ms. Lori” really loudly, over and over again.  He told me that I owned his cock, which is true. he strokes and cums on command. Tease and denial and humiliation has never been more fun!  I called his wife’s cell phone number (which he’d provided to me only moments before) and left a very clear message that her sweet hubby was jerking off for me while she was showering.  I laughed as he shot his load and then quickly needed to “go” so he could erase the voice message before his lovely wife heard it.

Cock control phone sex is so much fun – I never get tired of the different ways to play.

If you’re looking for a cock control phone sex experience, call me so I can get to know your “triggers”.

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Sissy Phone Sex

There’s no doubt about it, my sissy phone sex line is a place where men can come to unload their dirty little secrets through discreet confessions or roleplay.  I’m an experienced and mature confidant and I know that I can bring your taboo fantasies to life using my erotic mind and sensual voice.  You’ll feel like butter in my hand as you succumb to all of your kinky desires.

Sissy phone sex fantasies are not all that uncommon, although each one is completely unique to the individual caller.  I’ve spoken with men who love the idea of being forced into a pair of panties and then pushed to their knees to satisfy a circle jerk fetish that they might have.  Other men get off on being the center of a gang bang where they are fucked and pumped full, all night long.

A sissy phone sex encounter might include some cuckold training, extreme humiliation, or a cum eating experience.  Anything goes when you dial my sissy line so pick up the phone and call me today!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Black Cock Phone Sex

Allie sleeps with her door unlocked, so this morning I decided to surprise her with some very special visitors.  Me, and three men with some of the biggest cocks I could find, snuck into her bedroom while she was sleeping, on her belly, and we held her down while each of the guys took turns fucking her.

Allie has black cock phone sex fantasies, so what a great way for her to wake up this morning – with a 14-inch cock pushing against her tight little hole.  It was fun seeing the look of surprise on her face when she realized that she was outnumbered, but then when she felt the pressure of that cock trying to enter her “pussy” she struggled and tried to resist.

The more she fought it, the harder that cock pushed against her until finally he was completely immersed in her “pussy”.

I love submissive phone sex sissy boys, especially when the dirty little faggot begins to beg for cum.  It’s funny to see their transformation from resistance to acceptance and then greed… they beg me to find more cock for them to suck and fuck.

Are you a cum eating, cock sucking phone sex, pussy boy?  Call me and tell me all about it!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Some men crave a cock sucking phone sex experience and other’s look for real time encounters.  Some of you want the real thing but can’t quite get up the courage to go out and get it.

I can help you with your cock sucking phone sex fantasies, either real or fantasy… and believe me when I say that there are no limits to the fun we can have.  Your secrets are as safe with me, as you’d like them to be.

I specialize in sissy training, feminization, cum eating, humiliation and anything and everything in between, the more taboo or perverted your fantasy might be, the better.

I’m intelligent, mature and creative so when you put your cock into my capable hands, you’ll going to enjoy a unique fantasy call that is tailored to your specific needs.

A favorite cock sucking phone sex faggot of mine recently called and decided to confess to some of his kinky pleasures.  Click here to see what he has to say:  Listen to recording

The holidays are just around the corner.  Give yourself the gift of pleasure by calling my erotic fantasy line.  I’d love to make your wishes all cum true!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543

Faggot Phone Sex

Dante has been a very busy phone sex faggot.  He’s such a cock sucking sissy bitch and he’s been so helpful in giving other phone sex faggots reading material, right here on this blog, to guide them in their own cum eating sissy adventures.

Over the past several weeks, Dante has been bent over and fucked in the ass, sucked the very same cock that just fucked him (he’s a genuine ATM (ass to mouth) faggot), swallowed cum load after cum load at a local adult theater and still, he craves more!

Turning Dante into a full time phone sex faggot is a personal goal of mine and each year he strives to achieve that goal by pledging to suck a specific number of cocks.  This year his cock sucking goal is 250 and so far he has sucked 101.  He’s been a very busy cock whore, hasn’t he?

Dante wants to be sure that all of you other sissy faggots know what it takes to make my “Sissy List”.  You have to be dedicated to your cause and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy your desire.  I’m here to help you and to lend you the “voice of experience”.

Click the link and listen to Dante as he shares some of his own thoughts on being a cum eating, cock whore:  Listen to recording.

I’m always available to make you feel like a true sissy slut.  Call me and share your taboo secrets!

Lori - 1-877-387-5543