Let me tell you about “Grace.”  She has been calling me for a very long time and she just recently asked me to write about her so that other cross dressing phone sex lovers could get to know a little bit about her.

Grace has a major shoe fetish and she loves it when we go shopping together for high heels.  She gets very turned on when she looks in the mirror and sees her feet (or mine) in a sexy pair of strappy heels.  She loves the look, feel and especially the smell of leather on her toes and mine.

Grace also loves it when we get dressed up together and go out to find a hot guy to bring home with us.  She is a switch so sometimes she plays a very dominant bitchy role and other times she is as submissive as she can be.  She enjoys playing with men who are very femme – she isn’t into big muscle bound men – she likes her partners to be sensual and loving.

Crossdressing faggot phone sex is always fun with Grace.  When we talk about clothes, shoes, makeup, hair styles, etc., the conversation just flows.  Grace and I have enjoyed many mutually satisfying telephone encounters throughout the years.

She would love to get together for a three-way call with other sissy phone sex lovers so if you are interested in joining us for an erotic fetish phone sex exploration, let me know (via email or Yahoo Messenger) and I will make it happen.

Until then…..

Lori – 1-877-387-5543


It is always a hot night when “Dante” calls.  He was really horny and ready for me to tell him how many cocks he needed to suck for me last week.  “Dante” really enjoys it when I get demanding and greedy for him to get more and more cock!  I love working his sissy phone sex faggot mouth and ass.

I recently received an email from a horny guy who wanted “Dante” to suck him off before work.  I called “Dante” at his office and told him that it was time for him to get on his knees and service that hard cock.  He is such a good little sissy bitch.  He left his office immediately, drove to the hotel room that he had booked the night before “just in case” and he sucked and swallowed that thick cock until it came deep down his throat.  He always cleans up and never wastes even a single drop of cum and that day was no exception.

“Dante” has been sucking cock, eating cum and taking a deep ass pounding for me for years now.  I know just what he needs when those late night calls come in and I love accommodating him in every way.  Of course, he knows how to accommodate me as well.

“Dante” loves three-way calls too so if you are looking to engage in a bi-curious fantasy call or if you would like to be my big cock lover while “Dante” listens in – OR – if you would like to listen as I force “Dante” to do naughty sissy phone sex acts, then give me a call and I can set it up.

Of course, if you prefer to spend your time with me during a one-on-one experience, I am always more than happy to play with you alone too!

Anything goes when you call my sissy phone line so pick up the phone and dial the number below to be connected directly to me.

Lori – 1-866-305-9142